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Sense and Sensibility

is a novel by Jane Austen, and was her first published work when it appeared in 1811 under the pen-name of "A Lady".

Jane Austen wrote the first draft of Sense and Sensibility when she was about 19 years old and gave it the title, "Elinor and Marianne" as the novel's heroines are the romantic Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne.

The Dashwood family has become impoverished following the death of their father. Marianne, aged 16 at the beginning of the novel, is romantically attracted to the dashing - but unreliable and impecunious - Willoughby.

Elinor - who is three years older - is attracted to the reserved and diffident Edward Ferris.

Colonel Brandon, an unmarried neighbour in his mid-thirties, is secretly in love with Marianne.

Jane Austen paid for Sense and Sensibility to be published and had sold all 750 printed copies by July 1813 for a handsome profit.

Sense and Sensibility is a classic Regency romance.

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